Hello I'm very pleased with the product. I've been getting my hair done since September 2014. I brag to my friends about my stylist and have constantly ask them to join in on the discussion. I know they have some skepticism but they see my hair every day. I would love for one of them to just join in. Start that discussion and put there skepticism in so we can get this talk going. I'm a beliver and I would love for some of them to come on in and start asking question.

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Assisting in understanding the variations of hair textures and their correct method of care, to achieve the best results in adornment.

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Damaged Straight Appearing Very Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Multi-Text Frizzy Multi-Texture Loose Wavy Multi-Texture Straight Multi-Texture Straight & Resistant Damaged Tightly Waved Image Map