This product and it's creator has changed my life. It has truly given me the ability to reason and choose what's important (natural hair).Since 2006, which is when I started Body and Bounce I have not gone to any Beauty Supply stores. There's no need for any other products, I have all I need with Body and Bounce. What I love most about the Wave- Equation Creme is that, there isn't any mixing, the product last for a month so you can soften your hair more than once. No relaxer on the market will do this for you. What you will get from a relaxer is sabotage of your hair's natural state. With Body and Bounce I can finally shout, "I'M AUTHENTIC". Thanks, Body and Bounce for saving my hair and life. 

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Damaged Straight Appearing Very Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Multi-Text Frizzy Multi-Texture Loose Wavy Multi-Texture Straight Multi-Texture Straight & Resistant Damaged Tightly Waved Image Map