1. The BODY & BOUNCE ® Hair Enhancement System/method and concept is a two-part permanent and maintenance process for the hair, designed and formulated from patent #6,058,943 conception; which was issued on 06/09/2000. This System unlocks the S bonds, which then softens and loosens the hair strands causing them to detangle from each other. To unlock the wave bonds, the cuticle has to be first penetrated. This then allows the hair’s cuticle to also absorb moisture and keeps the hair from being dry. Consistency and control can then be done to the natural curls, causing them to flow in an orderly wave pattern for easy manageable. Frizz is also minimized in the hair. With this process, because the curls are not destroyed, the hair strands become swollen which causes fullness, elasticity is also left in the hair for movement and, the holding of styles.
    2. This System enhances the natural curl in each head of hair and reveals its naturally created BODY & BOUNCE ®. This system also specifically addresses the problems associated with the more curly hair in general, from the Tightly-waved and multi-textured combination hair of all types and nationalities to the looser wavy hair. It also addresses all virgin hair and damaged or over-processed hair that are caused by conventional Relaxers and Thioglycolate hair perming products. The uncertain formulations of these products have caused many hair types to have continued structural weakening which has led to their destruction.
    3. This patented system is accompanied with the Wave Balance Scale (WBS), a wave continuum chart, designed for the use of the professional stylist when choosing the right formula for softening, unlocking, controlling frizz and reforming wave for each particular hair type and their issue. This chart can also assist clients with their desire to control and understand their own hair’s wave pattern. Until now there has never been a tool that helps the professional or even clients gage the degree of creaming that’s needed for different hair types to unlock its pattern and/or to equate how much wave should be removed or added to the hair types that are naturally Tightly-waved/coiled/small or large during the perming process, not even with those looser curly frizzy hair types. In such an ever changing world of today with the blending of nationalities, it is unfortunate that these hair issues have not yet been addressed with a more advanced and precise method of care which enhances each hair types. Still today this blindness causes to remain the only spanided profession. An inspanidual cannot walk into any salon and be serviced or advised about his/her particular hair need. It was out of these needs and other reasons that the BODY & BOUNCE ® Hair Care product and system was born. (Please place a link to the about page here)
    4. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair enhancement System Part A: One out of a set of Wave Equation Cream is chosen according to hair-type and desired adornment. It is then applied in order penetrate and unlock the curl, detangle the hair strands and reduce its frizz. It also loosens the wave pattern and open is cuticle so the hair can absorb moisture for hydration. (The hair can be just softened with its curl unlocked and remain with all of its natural integrity, if that is all one desires.) Again, these Equation Creams do not straighten-out the hair’s wave bonds (S patterns). The correct formula must be chosen to accommodate the hair-type and the desire. Even when repeated for re-touches, the hair’s cuticle is opened and it curl will be unlocked again. The wave patterns are loosened, and moisture can continue to be absorbed. Fullness and elasticity is left in the hair for its movement and body. Because everyone has a natural and inconsistent wave pattern (refer to the Wave Balance Scale) (link to WBS).
    5. The BODY & BOUNCE® complete Enhancement System gives uniformity to the wave patterns. This can be accomplished through expanding or contracting the pre-loosened waves. This is done through reformation. This permanently allows a consistent flowing form of the given waves This process can also be used to strengthen and swell the strands of over-processed relaxed hair which became thin and lifeless from those type processes. It restores body and gives fullness and potency to stop continued breakage. With these treatments, natural hair with its given wave patterns can be worn in a soft natural, loose curly, roller set, blown, or styled to one’s desire. Relaxed hair can be continued strengthened when needed while growing out into its natural state to allow access to its given attributes again.
    1. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System was designed to further reveal the beauty of natural hair textures without stripping or destroying the hair’s given attributes, which are continually destroyed through repeated use of conventional chemical relaxers. These chemical relaxers are designed to permanently straighten the curls of all hair types; which should never be allowed. The disulfide bonds, the bridge which connects each S/wave together are destroyed, therefore a wave can never be formed or reformed. It is in the wave that elasticity or movement (bounce) of the hair occurs (the ability to stretch forward and bounce backwards. It also weakens and destroys the polypeptide bond; the chain link, which is the strength of the hair. Such relaxer product causes thinning, shedding, and collapsing of the hair strands as it continues to become structurally weakened. This continued use of high level contents of Sodium Hydroxide application on the scalp area can also lead to loss of the hair’s follicle and even permanent balding. B. BODY & BOUNCE® designed and formulated Wave Equation creams, with the assistance of the Wave Balance Scale, aids in the selection of the formula needed for revealing the beauty of each particular hair’s wave pattern as desired. This creaming also causes easy manipulation in combing and blowing drying, because the strands are detangled. The scalp is also left in a much better condition without abrasions’ and build-up; yet the desired results are achieved. The results from BODY & BOUNCE® carefully designed and formulated Wave Equation creams treatments are totally different from any conventional relaxers. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System is based on knowledge stemming from the "continuum flow" of the Wave Balance Scale and the selection of a customized formula to achieve specific results.
    1. On virgin hair, the Wave Equation Cream can be chosen to unlock curl, soften the hair, loosen the natural curl more and control frizz. It also opens the hair’s cuticle to absorb and retain moisture. while strengthening and keeping the wave bond intact. This allows the S/wave pattern to be prepared for other manipulative services. The hair is then ready for the rearrangement of its waves, if so desired; through the Reform and bodiphing process. These patterns are then locked into their new form with the Re-form & Lock-in lotion. Larger, smaller, looser or just the simply detangling and swelling of the hair’s strands for body can be accomplished with BODY & BOUNCE®. This keeps the hair strong and from structural weakening. The expansion of the wave pattern keeps them from springing back to their original tight form; but are left flowing in a consistent and controlled pattern, with attainable smoothness to the hair, The hairs texture can then be easily managed when styling for its desired adornment. (Please place a link to the photo gallery page here)
    1. This skepticism as it continues to be taught in the training arena causes fear to accompany the lack of knowledge. Because there has not been continued research done on harmonizing the use of these two chemicals on the hair, this fear remains until now. A patent has been issued by the U S Patent and Trademark Office, the UK and Canada for this method along with these uniquely customized formulas. Stylists and clients in and out of the United States have been using this System since the patent was issued in 2000. This only confirms that the present teaching on this particular subject needs to be adjusted accordingly. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System continues to prove itself over and over in this great marriage of these two chemicals, sodium Hydroxide and Thioglycolate. It’s all about formulation of products! New discoveries are made every day! See our videos. (Please place a link to hair talk)
    1. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System will work on all types of hair and their condition. However pressed hair should be shampooed prior to choosing the correct formulA lot of different products are being used to accompany pressing the hair, some of these products chemically (permanently) alter the hair, unknown to clients. If your hair is being pressed, it is a temporary method of straightening. If it is truly virgin hair, the hair will always revert to its natural form when wet again. The wave will tighten again, springing up towards the scalp and back to its naturally created form. If your hair is being pressed, and you have the loss of natural wave anywhere on the shaft between the root and the end, when wet, you can be assured that some type of chemical has been used on it. That part of the hair is not considered virgin hair anymore. IT IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT THE PERMANENT CONDITION OF HAIR CAN ONLY BE EVALUATED WHEN WET AND "NOT DRY"; THIS CAN BE DETERMINED BY A LICENSED AND A PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. If you are concerned about whether you have virgin hair or not, you should consult with a licensed and professional Stylist that is astute in the Body and Bounce ® System; one who can examine your hair when it is wet, during a shampoo service, in order to review this particular concern. However, there is still a formula with a method for you, regardless of your hair's condition. PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE BY A CERTIFIED BODY AND BOUNCE® TRAINED AND A PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. (Please place a link to the tightly-waved hair)
  6. What does BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System do for chemically relaxed hair?
    1. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System addresses the many hair problems of Tightly-waved hair. There is a formula and method for strengthening weak, thinning and relaxed hair which has been processed with high-level Sodium Hydroxide products. After destroying the natural S wave and polypeptide bonds with these kinds of relaxers, the hair eventually melts down, causing it to dissolve. It then feels and seems like tissue paper when wet. Remember, that the state of the hair when it is wet reveals the actual permanent state of the hair. No one can properly analyze hair when it’s dry. (Please place a link to Hair category damaged hair page). The BODY & BOUNCE TM Hair Enhancement System strengthens and swells the hair, giving fullness and elasticity back to the over-processed hair, stopping breakage and shedding. This allows the client to grow out a new head of hair that is not damaged. Trimming and shaping the damaged hair along the way; without cutting all the hair off at once is done with this method. With the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System, while trimming off the previously damaged hair as it grows is simply getting rid of one (The old), and replacing with another (The new). This will bring about a new and refreshing start.
  7. How often does the BODY & BOUNCE ® Hair Enhancement System need to be done?
    1. The BODY & BOUNCE ® Hair Enhancement System is a two part process: The Wave Equation Cream is applied to all new growth every 4 to 5 weeks which causes the hair’s wave pattern to become unlock and control of frizz, the wave reformation which strengthens and reforms the S bonds is done every 4 to 5 months, depending on hair-type. The Wave Equation Cream is continually used to retouch new growth every 4-5 weeks, depending on the inspanidual’s tighter or looser wave pattern. Again, this part of the process usually depends on the tightness or looseness of each person’s natural wave pattern; as the creaming of the hair can also be sooner for some; depending on the tightness or looseness of the natural wave pattern. Some chemically damaged hair may require the strengthening and bodifying sooner than others. A BODY & BOUNCE® trained and a professional stylist would be able to help you in making that decision. (Please place a link to the multi-textured hair)
  8. Can the BODY & BOUNCE® Wave Equation Cream over-process my hair?
    1. The BODY & BOUNCE® Wave Equation Cream formulations are selected according to the natural wave pattern through the use of the Wave Balance Scale and the determining factors of the inspanidual’s desire for their hair. As long as the formula is chosen correctly, it will not over-process the hair; seeing that the creams are not designed to remove the hair’s wave patterns. ** Strand-testing can be performed by a professional stylist to assure the correct formula is chosen to accommodate the hair type and desire. Once the desire is reached, continuing to use that formula will ensure receiving the same results every time. This concept was carefully determined, allowing each product that is used in the system to harmonize with each other when used consecutively, so no over-processing occurs. These formulas are in no way similar to present perming products on the market today. It is necessary though to retrieve your hair type profile, and know what results you desire for your particular hair type. This way, the right formula can be determined for your hair’s care and its enhancement. For assurance about your hair concerns, it is recommended that you seek a BODY & BOUNCE® trained, professional stylist. Retrieve your hair profile here. (Place a link to profile page please). You can also receive an online hair consultation here. ( Please place a link to the consultation page here).Your hair type can be determined through the BODY & BOUNCE® profile and /or consultation page so your exact formula and desire can be decided by you and your stylist. PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE BY A CERTIFIED BODY AND BOUNCE® TRAINED, AND PROFESSIONAL STYLIST.
    1. Because The BODY & BOUNCE ® Wave Equation Cream is not a harsh, damaging chemical like conventional relaxers, it will not usually burn. However, if your scalp has abrasions from scratches with the fingers, comb, brush and such like, this may cause irritation, and all irritated scalps are sensitive. This can cause some discomfort during your Creaming application. Always be sure that your scalp is not irritated and that you are using a professional stylist who is trained and uses his/her tools in a proper manner, by using the BODY & BOUNCE® techniques. PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE BY A CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL STYLIST WHO IS TRAINED TO ADMINISTER THE BODY AND BOUNCE® PROFESSIONAL LINE.
    1. BODY & BOUNCE® Hair enhancement System is a universal system that enhances all hair textures and their condition. It is the only Multi-textured hair system for Multi-national people® Getting your hair profile and the right information for your hair type will determine your hair’s formulas. Please remember though, that this is a working process for the damaged hair. Complete results will depend on the inspanidual’s care at home for their hair texture, and severity of damage, with each person’s own ability to follow instructions. Remember, that the hair care plan can be constructed for each inspanidual’s need. (Please place a link to the hair category page)
    1. Although the Tightly-waved hair is called and described by these derogative connotations, without understanding of its very delicate nature, there is no accurate description of those terms pertaining to hair. (We do not identify with any beliefs that promote a Natural creation to be negative; since mankind cannot create). The Tightly-waved hair is not "kinky" or "nappy," but it is what we identify the BODY & BOUNCE ® product line to service as "Tightly-waved hair, since this term brings knowledge and understanding for its designed creation to mind " Everyone has an inspanidual wave pattern (refer to the Wave Balance Scale TM). For the "Tightly-waved" pattern, our System softens, unlocks, loosens and expands or contracts the wave where needed. This is determined by the hair type/texture and one’s desire. This method allows for the keeping of hair’s elasticity and giving it control and manageability, thus leaving the hair with its given BODY & BOUNCE® ALWAYS THINK OF THE TIGHTLY-WAVED HAIR AS BEING VERY DELICATE BECAUSE OF IT’S A VERY SMALL WAVE PATTERN AND ENORMOUS FRIZZ. If a strand of your natural hair is moved through the fingers down its shaft to the ends away from the scalp, it will stretch, and when it is let go, it will bounce back to its natural formed wave pattern. This proves that the hair strand is just a continuous wave pattern, stretching back and forth. The wave patterns being very small makes it difficult for oil to flow down its shaft; and being virgin (natural), the cuticle of the hair is closed, disallowing the hair to receive adequate moisture. This causes extreme dryness. With the wave patterns also being so small, they intertwine themselves with each other; when the stands spring back, and intertwine at the same time; this causes them to tangle. Combing through the hair is then difficult because its waves are so closely placed together on each of those billions of strands. This hair is effortlessly subject to break very quickly and should be treated very carefully and very gentle. On the other hand, this hair type has been totally and improperly defined, leaving a lack of understanding of its unique creation. It is therefore constantly mistreated and given negative descriptive terms because of results of its inappropriate treatments which stems from having no consideration for its created design.
    1. On virgin Tightly-waved and Multi-textured and combination hair, the BODY AND BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System illuminates the positivity in the natural textures of the hair and reduces what’s difficult for desired adornment. On relaxed hair, this system puts texture, strength and fullness back into the hair that was destroyed by conventional perming products. On Straight-appearance resistant hair, BODY AND BOUNCE® softens which causes pliability and opens the cuticle to allow absorption. On virgin Tightly-waved hair BODY AND BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System also allows options to maintain most of the hair’s natural creation by only unlocking the natural curl. This causes the hair to be softer and tangle free wave/curl and opens of the cuticle for continued easy manipulation. That means easy combing and blow-drying (Without the pulling). This maintains great enhancement! On soft multi-textured and combination hair, the system causes continued smoothness to the hair, maintaining weight and fullness to fine hair, elongating the waves in a consistent form without drawing back. This means that there will be change in the texture of the hair for the betterment once it has been processed with the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System. However, these changes the hair to be stronger where it was weak, thicker where it was thin, smoother where there was much frizz, fullness where the hair at one time had none, and expanded or contracted waves patterns where necessary. The secret is to get your hair profile so each inspanidual can be knowledgeable on their hair type and how it should be cared for. A trained, professional stylist can then access your formulas from the hair type you submit and help you in a continued professional manner. If you would like to be a model for the body and bounce enhancement system, please refer to our model page and someone will contact you. We are presently serving the Atlanta are(Please place a link to the model page)
    1. If your hair is already a straight texture without any frizz; if there has not been a problem during your perm waving process over the years, if you already have a professional stylist, who pleases you, "there is no need to change your method". Although this System was also designed for the Straight-Appearance hair type, it is for those resistant hair types during the body-waving process and the patterns are so large that there are no movements or holding power when styled. Part B, the reform lotion can be used on the regular straight-appearance hair. Only when there is such resistance with this hair type is it necessary to use a formula of The BODY AND BOUNCE® Wave Equation Cream that’s formulated for this hair type. When this is used, the hair becomes softened and the cuticle is opened. This causes easy absorption. The Cream causes the hair to become pliable; this way, its waves are easy to reform. This ensures elasticity for desired movement. It also allows for controlling any frizz if needed, prior to waving; using this cream assures good saturation of the reform lotions where a consistent wave flow can be designed to the inconsistent given S patterns. This method gives manageability, control with BODY & BOUNCE®. A TRAINED, PROFESSIONAL IN THE BODY AND BOUNCE®TECHNIQUES CAN ASSIST BETTER IN ANSWERING THE MORE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED QUESTIONS. (Please place a link to choose a Stylist at hair talk)
    1. NO. We do not recommend that anyone cut off all of their hair off, unless that inspanidual desires to do so. It is not necessary since the Body and Bounce ®Hair Enhancement System does just that. It is used to strengthen over processed relaxed hair and to unlock and rearrange the wave formation of virgin hair to give consistency. We do however, recommend a trim to remove unneeded broken ends; o hair shaping should also continue and should be designed in some form to keep the hair decent and in order as it grows out. This is critical to managing the hair. If there are different lengths on breakage in the hair, a professional in hair cutting techniques is necessary. One who knows how to continue designing new forms that will move the breakage into the diameter of the head’s circle until all breakages come together as one, while the hair grows out as desired. Knowing how to change the lines is special skill that is necessary for hair that has been broken and the desire is to it grows out. As the hair grows it will become the acquired material that’s needed to from new styles. Once the Body and Bounce ®Hair Enhancement System has been completed, generally, trims should be done every 4 to 6 weeks, or as needed, to promote and maintain the hair’s shape in an orderly fashion. Be sure to use a professional in the art of hair cutting! One that understands the geometrics of cutting, and can continue fashioning broken hair into a style as it grows out.
    1. This depends on the inspanidual’s hair texture and type, and the amount of destruction that has already been done to the S bonds (natural wave patterns); This is more possible with the multi-textured hair, since it takes longer for its wave bonds to be destroyed from a Relaxer process. If there are still patterns left, it is possible. There is a method for treating the multi-textured relaxed hair to accomplish a curly look. Again, that can only be determined when the hair is in a wet state. On other hair types that are Tightly-waved, seeking consultation from a professional BODY AND BOUNCE® trained stylist in this particular area of hair care will aid in receiving a thorough answer. This can be determined by having your hair shampooed and styled. Wave/curl patterns are acquired from the natural patterns (the given). After the hair has a been treated with a Relaxer, this its natural wave patterns are seen as the new hair begins to show at the scalp. These are the waves that are used during the rearrangement process. On Virgin hair, after it has been relaxed and the curl pattern has been destroyed, through the use of The BODY & BOUNCE® System, the relaxed hair will become stronger and fuller. However, to truly enhance wave patterns, this process must begin as the new growth grows out. The relaxed hair though, will stop its shedding and breaking immediately after the complete enhancement System with the right formula is applied. This process will allow the hair to regain its fullness and strength. Eventually, as the new hair grows out, and the wave patterns are reformed, the hair can be worn in a curly style, if desired. With the continuation of the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement system, the reformation of a curl is inevitable, since the "natural curl pattern" will continue to grow. (Remember it’s a process). The complete BODY & BOUNCE® System must continue to be applied to achieve such continued results. Trims should be done to the relaxed hair on a regular basis to remove that old over-processed hair, allowing the new hair with the natural wave patterns to become the dominant hair for the rearrangement of the wave bonds. It’s a cycle. Get rid of the old damaged hair) and replace with the newly grown hair. One grows out, while the other is gradually cut off! For the multi-textured and combination hair that has been relaxed, in some cases, the curl patterns remain in this hair type a bit longer, but the hair structure gets thinner and weaker with each application of relaxer. Therefore, the achievement of curls depends on the amount of natural wave patterns that are left in each head of hair of even this hair type; however, those remaining patterns can be reformed into consistent wave patterns. Through the use of our Enhancement System, it is quite possible for the relaxed Multi-textured and combination hair types to still acquire elasticity, strength, fullness and controlled wave patterns as desired along with frizz control. This allows the client to experience similar results as virgin hair.
    1. Because the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System is not formulated with harsh, damaging chemical like conventional relaxers, color can be applied the same day after the complete process without over-processing the hair. There are specific formulas for this particular service. It is important to know your hair profile. However, this is a sensitive area, and there are always some exceptions to every rule. For example: 1. How high one wants to lift (lighten) or darken their color 2. How high the hair has already been lifted or has been darkened, If the hair has been previously colored. 3. Have the hair been previously treated with a chemical 5.Have the hair been damaged from a previous chemical process. There are many variables to consider! Even though color can be applied the same day, this should be done on a case by case basis. To be assured, you can acquire an in-house consultation for specific formulations and treatment! PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE BY A CERTIFIED BODY AND BOUNCE® TRAINED, PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. (Please place a link to the consultation page here)
    1. The BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System is supported by a botanical maintenance product line that has no animal testing. IT IS PH balanced, with protective and moisture agents that are available for purchase. It consists of shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents, such as: creams, gels, sprays, oils shines mousses and more). Also, look out for Je’Ron, the BODY & BOUNCE® skin care line, coming soon! Our Hand & Body Lotion is available now! (Please place a link to the shopping cart here)
    1. No damage will be done to the hair because of using the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair Enhancement System. However, when use of the BODY & BOUNCE ®Hair Enhancement System discontinued, you will be able to see the difference in your hair as it relates to the control, fullness and manageability that gradually ceases from discontinuing BODY & BOUNCE®. This is only because the hair has adapted and was accustomed to this enhancement treatment. If a conventional relaxer is used again, the hair will return to the damaged state before the use of the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair enhancement System, and all wave patterns will eventually be lost. When a relaxer is used, the hair will return to being limp and thin, with breakage occurring again as the BODY & BOUNCE® process grows out and is replaced with the relaxer. Without the use of another chemical process, the hair will be grown back to its natural state, whichever is chosen! In other words, it will return to whatever state one chooses, without the BODY & BOUNCE TM Hair Enhancement System’s wonderful effects. However, although there are some who draw back and return again, it is rare for anyone to stop using the BODY & BOUNCE® method and return to what was already negatively experienced. Clients who have experienced the results of this System and who uses the maintenance products, always give great reviews about their hair progress. We know that you too will also love the BODY & BOUNCE® Hair enhancement system and its botanical maintenance line! (Please refer to our testimonial page)! (Link)
    1. Pricing varies depending on the area, stylist and other skilled abilities, such as cutting, styling, professionalism and care. YOU MAY CONTACT A CERTIFIED and trained BODY AND BOUNCE® PROFESSIONAL STYLIST IN YOUR AREA for pricing information. REMEMBER TO REFER YOUR STYLIST TO OUR SITE SO THEY TOO CAN BE TRAINED AND BECOME CERTIFIED ON The BODY & BOUNCE® HAIR ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM AND ITS TECHNIQUES!

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