Hair types Collage- For Learning to understand all hair type-Let us begin.

These hair types match some wave patterns on the collage. Look at the hair category area, click on the pictures, and tell which hair type is missing. Counting from one to ten, clockwise, see if you can identify your wave formation and the formula needed for its manageability. On your page, upload a picture of your natural or processed hair. From the hair category's descriptions, describe your hair and its condition. Place the number from one to ten on your page. Let’s see how well you do. Invite a friend to do the same. We welcome your comments so we can assist you better. First three people who identifies the most on the collage correctly, will be the winner of hair products. This exercise will not be in vain.

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Assisting in understanding the variations of hair textures and their correct method of care, to achieve the best results in adornment.

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Damaged Straight Appearing Very Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Multi-Text Frizzy Multi-Texture Loose Wavy Multi-Texture Straight Multi-Texture Straight & Resistant Damaged Tightly Waved Image Map