Damaged Straight Appearing Very Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Multi-Text Frizzy Multi-Texture Loose Wavy Multi-Texture Straight Multi-Texture Straight & Resistant Damaged Tightly Waved Image Map

Love My hair!

This product and it's creator has changed my life. It has truly given me the ability to reason and choose what's important (natural hair).Since 2006, which is when I started Body and Bounce I have not gone to any Beauty Supply stores. There's no need for any other products, I have all I need with Body and Bounce. What I love most about the Wave- Equation Creme is that, there isn't any mixing, the product last for a month so you can soften your hair more than once. No relaxer on the market will do this for you. What you will get from a relaxer is sabotage of your hair's natural state. With Body and Bounce I can finally shout, "I'M AUTHENTIC". Thanks, Body and Bounce for saving my hair and life. 

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