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Terminology and language

The lack of proper terminology and language for all hair types has caused much pain and frustration in the hair industry for many individuals. Especially for those with tightly waved/coiled or multi-textured and combination hair types. Many different wave patterns and combination hair features that are a part of the tightly waved hair groups are just written off as either "bad hair" or "good hair, "whatever "that" means.There is no evidence that either of these statement means anything and there remains no definite care to enhance them.Yet, there has been a ready acceptance of these terms without questions. There has been no consideration for a scheme of care that fits their features. Therefore, these hair types condition continue to be ignored and they remain without proper attention. 

The lack of descriptive terms for this area of hair also remains ungoing. "There have neither been and is still not any real adjectives in a language form when speaking about them. Non which describe the multiple features of their different attributes. Therefore, there is no real communication when addressing their different features. This non-communitive standard makes it tough to comprehend and accept these hair types created design; leaving them without a place in people's mind for their identification.  The world remain without understanding of these hair since this lack of knowledge has caused the tightly waved hair type to be without acceptance. This nonacceptance has inflicted much unrest in many individuals lives, about their hair!

There can never be a real maintenance program designed for these hair types, when there are no definitions for them that gives identity to cause understanding. The ungoing comparison to other hair types with smoother or straighter looking hair continues; thereby causing no recognition or acceptance for these hair type's with features that have not been established. Therefore, a non-acceptance for their purposely created design continues to hover over the atmosphere.

Ignorance has destroyed the very essence of being for some individuals with these hair types, leaving them with an emptiness that causes insecurities and discontentment about the self. There seem to be a forever searching for the identity of this hair type and the need for it 'to be' as created. This detachmet have been a struggle with its people for too long.  Having the rights to exercise one’s given freedom to be as created by their Creator is a right that no humankind can offer and should not be denied by another. Therefore, there should never be obstructions from anyone to a humankinf that disallows basking in their God given liberty.

After careful examination, It was clear to see the continual destruction to these hair types that have been caused by such lack of knowledge. The criticisms, jokes and the search for acceptance, that continues over these hair types needs to be addressed. The time has come and is passing in which to address these issues directly. This ongoing struggle needs closure that brings satisfaction to those who have repeatedly born the wounds of this degradation. It is for this reason that intellectual discussions and answers answers are necessary!   


Please feel free to add your comments and questions as you see fit, only do it with grace and dignity. 

There are those who now have a better understanding of their hair and have experienced enjoying the results of the Texture Care Wave Equation Cream and the Body and Bounce care system with its maintenance products. You are welcome to place your photos and or comments so that others can also be enlightened. They, too, can also enjoy exhaling from their continued hair battles!     



Thank you

‘The concerned.' 


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