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 Opening, softening, or loosening natural curls will control frizz and allow moisturization. This process causes hair hydration and manageability!

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Wave Balance Scale

Caring for the different hair types is easily accomplished with the use of the WBS (Wave Balance Scale). Using this visual can aid in the enhancement of a natural curl's control without damage. This continuum wave chart was designed to assist individuals with a visual on how wave patterns flow in different hair types. The arrangement of hair types on the graph will help to determine the formula needed for enhancing their attributes. The decided Cream for each hair's care should be according to the category and range of its wave pattern. Each group governs the needed process for a hair type, by its position on the chart. Using the table to decide the hair type's care can assist in assuring safety with its treatment, its condition, and its continuance.

TextureCareHair series is a sequel of the Body and Bounce professional Hair Enhancement System. The Wave Equation Creams are specially formulated to assist individuals with tightly-waved and multi-textured hair (curly and frizzy combinations).These are hair types which tangle very easily. Explicit formulas can also aid with helping some straight appearance resistant hair to become more flexible for perming. These creams open the hair's cuticle, softens, swells and strengthens its strands. The process also detangles curls, adds fullness and causes natural hydration to hair. This moisturizing stop the reoccurring breakages with combination hair textures due to dryness. Many individuals have suffered tremendous loss and damages to their hair because of inappropriate treatments.            

                                     knowledge about your hair will give the understanding for its care 

The Wave Equation Creams opens the hair cuticle and unlocks the curl, causing them to detangle and loosen. This ability to move back and forth allows manageability. This cream also controls frizz, if needed. It allows easy absorption of moisture for hydration. The hair then remains moist and is no longer excessively dry. Its attributes are enhanced positively, preventing hair loss during combing. The wearing of natural curls, Roller setting and blow-drying for style variation is then effortlessly.

‘Keeping hair as natural as can be is the answer’; this maintains fullness and movement. TextureCareHair Unleashes the hair's body and bounce.

We invite you to join the thousands of clients and professionals who have all witnessed this hair revolution.  Take some time to read through our testimonials. 

"Finally, a hair care system truly designed and formulated for everyone. This is an extraordinary conditioning system that allows the technician to be in complete control of the process of softening the bonds of the hair, with minimal stress factors to aid in a looser, freer, more manageable curl pattern; all the while strengthening its entire structure. Body and Bounce is the answer! "

-Jimmy Davis Atlanta, GA. (stylist)

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