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Frizzy Multi-Textured, Medium/Fine Strand.

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Frizzy Multi-Textured, Medium /Fine Strand hair is still within the boundaries of the tightly waved hair range, yet moving to a looser wave pattern. It is softer and can be a combination of attributes, with little or much frizz. There are various textures of hair in this category due to the continued blending of their characteristics with each other. Many of these textures stem from the combination of large, loose and tightly waved hair types that were repeatedly blended. This hair type can sometimes appear very tightly curled when dry but when wet it is very soft, and its curls will stretch out much longer. Its texture can also appear smoother when blown out but becomes frizzy when exposed to moisture. During natural drying, it's frizz will become uncontrollable as its coil retracts more. Due to its appearance when dry, many times this hair type is treated with high level formulated straighteners which cause its destruction. More frizz in these hair types seems to form when the small and large wave off-springs from a similar blend is combined again.Formula H or A are the suggested creams for these hair types with large to medium strands. These creams will control their frizz and swells their strands, without destroying their curl pattern. These coils are necessary for movement. Their swollen strands cause weight and fullness to the hair. Formulas A or I are the suggested creams for the finer strands and will retain more curl and fullness if desired. With these formulas, body-waving can be achieved to attain even more fullness and controlled wave formation, with lots of movement. To be accurate about your formula, we recommend you choose from our professional stylist and get a hair profile.

It is never recommended to remove all S-wave/curl patterns from any hair type. If there is a desire to loosen curls to a more elongated pattern or if your hair is color treated, to assist you, seek a professional who is astute in the Texture Care/ Body and Bounce Hair enhancement system.