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Loose Wavy Multi-Textured, Large Resistant, Medium-Strand.

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Loose Wavy Multi-Textured, Large Resistant, Medium-Strand is usually a blending of different ethnicities with variations of curls that are distinct from each other but can also be similar. They run the full gamut of the Wave Balance Scale for Multi-textured hair. The diameter of their hair strands can range from Large, Medium, or even Fine. Although their strands can be large and their curls resistant to loosening, these hair types can still be very fragile. They can be very frizzy, or they can be smoother, but still with frizz. However, with continued straightening perming treatments, eventually, their strands can become too thin, and their curls too straightened out. They will then be subjected to the same breakage as tightly waved hair when over-processed with a relaxer product. These curl variations can range from minuscule, loose curls to larger loose curls and from a tight, looser coil to a very loose soft crinkled or spiraled curl. Some also have various designed wave patterns between their larger curls, making them very complicated to style. Opening the cuticle and loosening their curls, allow these hair types to absorb moisture and their curls to be more manageable.Formula R is the suggested cream to accomplish this task for these hair's very fine strand and crinkled looser curls, Formula A or I have been suggested for the fine to medium strands and Formula H or C have been suggested for the more common strand and Formula C is recommended for their thick and more resistant strands. These formulas will release more curl if desired. To be accurate about your formula, we recommend you choose from our professional stylist and get a hair profile.

It is never recommended to remove all S-wave/curl patterns from any hair type. If there is a desire to loosen curls to a more elongated pattern or if your hair is color treated, to assist you, seek a professional who is astute in the Texture Care/ Body and Bounce Hair enhancement system.