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I am so thankful for the day that I discovered Body and Bounce. I learned that it is a hair care system. After having the system in my hair for many years, I am receiving public compliments almost daily on how beautiful my hair looks. These compliments come from females, males, adults and children alike. ‘I do not stress over my hair anymore because Body and Bounce® has given me the satisfaction that any woman desires and would like to have when it comes to their hair!’ If you are in a quandary about your hair, there is no other way but the Body and Bounce® way!

A. W. W. College Park, GA

Being a hairstylist and beauty professional for over 30 years at The Talk of The Town Memphis, I have seen my fair share of hair care systems. ‘Body and Bounce® is a revolutionary hair care system that gives women more options as it relates to the way they wear and care for their hair!’After using Body & Bounce® in my salon for over two years, it has given me the freedom and flexibility as it relates to choices of chemicals, especially for women with problem hair and those who have had bad experiences with other relaxers. It also is safe to use, mistake free, and allows the hair to have maximum elasticity and moisture retention. This leads to a longer lasting style, shine, and color preservation. I would highly recommend this hair care system to all stylist and salon owners, beauty schools and barber shops. The people that I have used Body & Bounce® on have had a 95% success ratio. I believe that it is highly profitable and cost effective, and in my opinion it is the system of the future!

George Barnes (stylist) Talk of the Town, Memphis Salon & Spa

I began using Body and Bounce five years ago, when my hair started shedding very bad after having my first child. I went to the dermatologist and he suggested, “Let your hair run its course. “ If I would have listened to him, I would have been bald in a matter of two weeks. ‘After having the Body and Bounce® hair treatment system the first time, my hair instantly stopped shedding!’ I have been a loyal user of Body and Bounce System and its products ever since!

Cynthia Tenner Atlanta, GA

Finally, a hair care system truly designed and formulated for everyone. This is an extraordinary conditioning system that allows the technician to be in complete control of the process of softening the bonds of the hair, with minimal stress factors to aid in a looser, freer, more manageable curl pattern; all the while strengthening its entire structure. Body and Bounce® is the answer!

Jimmy Davis Atlanta, GA. (stylist)

I have been a client and partaker of the Body and Bounce® System for many years now. I arrived in Atlanta from New Orleans, and being of multi-racial decent was terrified that I would not find someone or something that would care for my hair texture. I had spent years going from one harsh chemical treatment to the next, something my hair type did not require (I don’t think anyone’s for that matter). Still, no one knew what to do with my hair type, so they just treated it like everyone else’s. The result was broken, damaged, shedding, lifeless hair when I arrived here. This was only to be compounded by the continued abuse once here. One day when the fear set in that I might be losing my long, beautiful hair and having watched my grandmother go through the same thing and eventually lose all of her hair, I had had enough! Baldness was not an option! I searched the yellow pages and prayed for a miracle. I saw an ad that said MULTI-TEXTURED HAIR, and was immediately drawn. I apprehensively visited the shop for a consultation. When I met Pam who took the time to explain her wonderful system and the mechanics of hair and its treatment, I was hooked. Everyone else’s approach was all wrong all of these years. They only performed what they thought was the norm or standard for ethnic hair. Well, I am here to tell you that the older I get now, the more beautiful my hair becomes and not the opposite. ‘My hair is full, has great body, still long, and more manageable than it’s ever been in my life!’ I only wish my grandmother could have been here to share my discovery. Thank you Pam for giving me that Body and Bounce®!!!!!

Karen Hoo Atlanta, GA.

I’ve been using the Body and Bounce® hair care line for about 10 years, and I’m always satisfied with the results! I have multi-textured hair and in my many years of searching for good hair products, ‘I haven’t found any that have worked as well as the Body and Bounce® line!’ I love this line as it allows me to wear my hair wavy or straight without the frizz! I can easily manage it in the comfort of my home. I will continue to use this line as there is no comparison!

Leah Aguilar Atlanta, Ga.

‘Body And Bounce® is a God sent hair product!’ I am so glad to have been introduced to this line. My clients are ecstatic about the results. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Barbara, Stylist; Elegancer Coiffeurs Atlanta Ga.

I am a stylist of 26 years. In that statement alone should let you know that I have purchased and used many products expecting a result and still waiting on their promise to come about. Now this product, Body and Bounce®, is amazing!! I am a high- lift blonde and have not lost a stand from using this product. My hair has grown without breaking, because the bonds of my hair were not destroyed as thru high level sodium hydroxide relaxers. This is a product so advance in its chemistry for the betterment of all hair types. The restored condition is welcome. To all educated stylists and clients who are exhausted by the results of all relaxers even after treatments, ‘The Body and Bounce® System will keep your clients’ hair with Body without the weave and on their Head’! You will truly see the difference. Thanks

Sarah Lewis (Stylist) Miami Florida 2011

"In the spring of 2009, I asked God to help me figure out what to do with my hair. I had been wearing weave and braids on and off for 10 years and I had a lot of hair....finally. I had recently become engaged and wanted to wear my own hair, not only at my wedding, but also in my upcoming engagement pictures. What was I going to do? I was absolutely positive that I did not want to put a traditional relaxer in my hair. My hateful relationship with my hair goes back as far as I could remember. I have very soft, fine hair. It would grow, but I would constantly struggle with spots of severe breakage and I didn't know why. Even during my good periods, it was always so limp to me. I wanted the hair I saw in magazines: hair with body...hair that was all there! After a quick pre-braid wash at a no-name salon, Body and Bounce® was mentioned to me. It was not until I was ready to come out of the braids for good that I decided to investigate the system. What made this any different? It was my conversation with Pam, and her website, that made me realize that this was the solution I had needed my entire adult life. A solution from someone that is knowledgeable and based in scientific fact. My eyes were not only open to how black hair is perceived and eventually treated (harshly!), ‘I suddenly realized that with the proper care, treatment, and the Body and Bounce® System, my hair can be everything I want it to be, and now it is!’

Deirdre Ingram Atlanta GA.

Body and Bounce® is a great smoother for all types of hair, this product worked wonders for my hair. I have struggled with several perms to get my hair to grow and have body. Before using Body and Bounce® my hair was severely damaged with hair breakage, hair loss, thinning of hair and no body. After using Body and Bounce®; my hair now has strength, without breakage, and lots Body and Bounce®. I truly believe in this product. I have sent my daughter and several friends to try the Body and Bounce® as their hair system. ‘The results are unbelievable and amazing; you have to use it to see what I mean.’ Get your Body and Bounce® today!

Sharon Howard Atlanta, Ga.

I have been using Body and Bounce® for the last 8 to 9 years if not longer and am very, very, please with this system. Prior to using Body and Bounce® my hair was very weak and my hair line was gone due to perm relaxers. My hair is now strong and fuller and I contribute this to the Body and Bounce® system. Another important facet for me is the flexibility I have in hairstyles. I prefer the natural look during the summer months and silky look during fall and winter. The Body and Bounce® system allows me this flexibility and I am grateful to have had the pleasure over these years to experience hair maintenance of such magnitude. There is no going back for me as long as Body and Bounce is around!

Mary AJ Love Atlanta, Ga.

I have been a fan of Body and Bounce® for over 8 years. I was referred to Pam by a young lady that was familiar with her wonderful product. I just had my first baby and lost all of the hair around my hairline...I was bald, depressed and hormonal...I came to Pam crying with my hair looking disastrous. She consoled me and told me everything would be fine. Needless to say 8 years and several babies later Pam has kept her word...She has managed to bring my hair back to manageability. ‘The Body and Bounce® System has continued to keep my hair looking fresh!’ I have a stylist as well as a friend for life. I thank God and thank you Pam for Body and Bounce®! A satisfied lifetime customer

Sharon Elie Riverdale, Ga.

I've waited almost 13 years before anyone touched my hair other than my mom.’ Body and ‘Bounce® is the only system she trusted to be used in it!’ To this day, Body and Bounce® is the only system that has been applied to my hair. Body and Bounce® is not only a blessing to me but also to my lovely hair.

Giovanni Elie, Riverdale Ga.

‘Body and Bounce® is the exact result you receive!’ As a long, long time client, I've had hair with length and short. My short hair has always had an excellent cut; and always well conditioned with Body and Bounce®! Awesome products; awesome owner! Thanks!

Adrienne Curtis-Morgan (Atlanta, Ga.)

I have been having Body and Bounce® and using its great products since the patent was issued. Thanks to the Body and Bounce® products my hair is gorgeous. My hair is fine so with the traditional relaxer my hair looks extremely thin. Although my hair is fine, the Body and Bounce® system and its products allow my hair to have volume and fullness. What I most like about this system is that I can get my Smoothener, permanent color and semi color all at the same time. ‘There is no product in the world that can do this!’ Try Body and Bounce® and you will never want to go back to the traditional relaxers and their products! Thank you Body and Bounce!

Rhonda Benning Riverdale, Ga.

I am and have been a professional hair stylist in the Atlanta metro area for 15 years. I have been using the Body and Bounce® system on my clients since its birth. It is truly a state of the art system that leaves your hair gorgeous. This unique blend of products will not only give you the versatility you desire; it transforms the hair and scalp; and protects the elasticity of the hair shaft. My clients have this to say Body and Bounce® is effortless!’ This system takes your hair to the next level, especially with the value added assurance of satisfaction guaranteed!!!!!!! Love it! Healing through hair

Josephine Ajami,(Stylist) Riverdale, Ga.

As a stylist of 27 years, I’ve been in the quest for a hair care system that can be used to help clients with their hair problems. Using the Body and Bounce® as an alternative to relaxers, I found that it decreased shedding, gives the hair more body, bounce and leaves texture. I strongly recommend this product for those clients who are looking for a way out of the relaxer. After using the Body and Bounce system for 9 years; my clients are very satisfied with the results. They respond with statements like: “I should have used this years ago.” I just love the Body and Bounce system! *****.

Calvin Miller Stylist Riverdale, Ga.

I have been using the Body and Bounce® system and products for a while. I have consistently used these products and had the complete system administered for at least 12 years. What I am most pleased about is the manageability of my hair over these years; the thickness; the bounce that’s in it; and the gentleness of the products on my sensitive scalp which has resulted in "no bare spots." I am a strong proponent of the Body and Bounce® hair care system and its products. I highly recommend their use to anyone regardless of their hair texture. Not only have I seen my hair texture and its body improves, but I have also witnessed sustained maintenance and major improvements to other clients' hair as well. I certainly would not use any other hair care system, only Body and Bounce®.

Pat Harris Newnan, Ga.

Body and Bounce® Smoother is true to its name. Yes, your hair will definitely have more body and better control. This is the best product to use if someone is experiencing breakage and thinning of the hair. It stops the breaking of the hair instantly and makes your hair thicker and more manageable, Unlike any process that I have used before; I thank God for this exclusive product line and what it does for all types of hair. I have used Body and Bounce® on my clients and myself for 11 years now and we are very pleased with the performance. My clients love the versatility of wavy or straight hair.

Geneva Clanahan Special Touch Salon Cherry Valley, Illinois

I would just like to say my daughter is about to turn eighteen. She has been using the products since she was a young girl. It was one of the smartest and greatest investments we made when it came down to what to do with her hair. It gives us great options to be curly or straight. Over these many years of using the Body and Bounce® system, we have not experienced any breakage or damage to her hair that usually comes with other products. Pamela is very knowledgeable and has spent a lot of time and research on taking care of hair. This is her passion and it has paid off. Thank you Pamela, you have a customer for life.

A. Akins

I have been a customer of Body and Bounce® since 2003! My story…I was natural for 3 years….I could not maintain my hair in the manner that I would have liked, so I started to hot comb it…..I did this for about a year….and the lady who would style my hair…I could tell she was getting tired and lazy in dealing with my natural hair so she suggested a mild texturizer….said that it would be very mild and make my hair very maintainable without using the harsh chemical of a regular relaxer. Story short….My long hair fell out so much…that by the time I discovered Body and Bounce®…I only had various strings left in my hair…I was traumatized….I had to start all over with new growth about 1 ½ inches long…People would say what happened to your long and pretty hair….I just sighed….After about eight months on Body and Bounce®…my friends who I had not seen regularly after they saw my hair so short…saw my hair…and they swore I had weave or was wearing a wig….they could not believe how healthy, strong and long my hair had gotten since the last time they saw me. Body and Bounce renewed my hair… made it very maintainable and gave me back by thickness and bounce from which relaxers had taken away…Thank God for Body and Bounce®!

Habeeba Muhammad

When Pam started working on my hair four years ago, I was 60 years old and dealing with thin, dry, brittle hair. I didn't think it was possible to see the improvements I've seen in the last four years. My hair is long and much thicker than it has ever been. It is easy to manage and looks really great all the time. I get so many compliments about my hair. People don't expect a 64-year old black woman to have hair that looks and feels like mine. I will be forever grateful to Pam for helping me restore my hair and my self-esteem because I feel so good about myself. When I see my black sisters purchasing weave, I say to myself, if only they had the opportunity to see what their hair could really look like working with Pam and this wonderful Body and Bounce® System and its products.

Rena Green (Jackson, Ms.)

First, I would like to thank Body and Bounce® for saving me, my hair was a mess and so hard to manage. I had tried all of the relaxers that supposedly would be good for my hair. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that my hair would be nice and thick at the root, but very thin as you moved to the ends. I desperately needed a product that would allow my hair to grow and have the same consistency from the root to the ends. Body and Bounce® was THE ANSWER. After using this product line for over 5 years, I consistently have women approach me and ask about my hair. Especially, since I'm a fitness instructor. Women are always amazed that I can work out daily and still have a great looking hair style. I would recommend Body and Bounce® for any woman who’s tired of doing the same thing and expecting different results...that's exactly what they are doing when they put relaxers in their hair. Body and Bounce® was my answer and I recommend all women who've struggled with their hair to give it a try.

Mechelle Green (Jackson Ms.)

My life will never be the same because of the Body and Bounce® system and the care I am experiencing! Not only is my hair more manageable and stronger than it's been in years, but I have been educated in how hair (of different ethnicities) has different textures. For years we've been labeling black hair as "nappy". Our hair pattern is just more tightly-waved. What an eye opener! I am truly thankful for Pam's creation as she educates the world about hair maintenance. I Love Body and Bounce®!

Beverly Wilson (Atlanta Ga.)

I began using Body and Bounce® when I was a child. I am now 25. My hair has known nothing else. It is strong and in good condition—no thanks to me. Despite me, Body and Bounce® has kept my hair in tip top shape. It is not a quick-fix solution to hair problems. Unfortunately, we all are tempted to find solutions that we think are needed to problems that we rarely fully understand. Over these many years that I have used the products, I have occasionally strayed from the things inventor Pam Davis has taught me, only to run back to be saved. There is nothing else like Body and Bounce®. I think of Body and Bounce® as a lifestyle. The same way that crash diets don’t work, quick-fix solutions rarely do the job. In fact, they even put us in a worst position than we started. Alternatively, eating healthy and exercising—daily decisions that contribute to our bodies’ overall health are long-lasting solutions to being in shape. As with our muscles and bones, leading a focused hair lifestyle is the key. In addition to addressing the wide spectrum of multi-textured hair (and believe me—it is wide), Ms. Davis has unveiled many myths about black hair: Hair is neither “good” nor “bad.” Hair comes in more tightly waved patterns, or more loosely waived patterns, and these patterns have been labeled over the centuries. Man will do what he will. The Body and Bounce® Equation Creams with its Bodifying concept, my favorites, tighten or loosen these patterns as desired. I love Body and Bounce®, and continue to be excited about it, because I love what it does for people. They are both happy with their hair, and more knowledgeable about how hair works. The look on people’s faces when they “get it” is priceless. I have seen this look many times in the many years of being in the Body and Bounce® Salon, on the occasional Thursday night while getting my own hair done. I believe in what Pam has done. It is revolutionary.

Carly Scott (Washington, DC)