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Tightly-Waved, Medium/Fine Strand

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The diameter of some Tightly-Waved, Medium/Fine hair strands can be tiny in diameter. These small strands are very delicate and can be plentiful. Their large amounts appear to be resistant and stronger than they are. Their waves are arranged very close to each other and retract on each other. Their medium to finely textured strands is usually unnoticed because of the close retracting of their curls and quantity of strands. When in the natural state, their strand sizes are not considered delicate because of their tangled appearance and curl retraction. Strong chemicals are used on these delicate hair strands to straighten out their little curls. This procedure causes much destruction to their already fine strands that are naturally fragile. Formula A or I have been suggested to unlock these hair type’s cuticle for loosening and swelling their very fine strands. Formula H has been suggested to release more curl if desired. Loosening their curls will allow movement to their tight coil. Unlocking and opening the cuticle to receive moisture alleviates their extreme dryness and rough handling. These hair types can then be easily adorned in natural styles or be blown straight without tension. This flexibility stops breakage from occurring due to pressure. Looseness to the hair's curl also allows easy manipulation and keeps the hair structure as natural as can be. To be accurate about your formula, we recommend you choose from our professional stylist and get a hair profile.

It is never recommended to remove all S-wave/curl patterns from any hair type. If there is a desire to loosen curls to a more elongated pattern or if your hair is color treated, to assist you, seek a professional who is astute in the Texture Care/ Body and Bounce Hair enhancement system.