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Tightly-Waved, Multi-Textured, Medium/Fine Strand

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Tightly-Waved Multi-Textured, Medium/Fine Strand hair is made up of many looser and combined sizes, shapes of curl patterns, but still with much of the tightly waved hair attributes. They are very frizzy and tangle easily. Their curls are looser yet not smoothly loose. They range from medium to fine strand size with various degrees of frizz, from small to enormous amounts. They derive from the blending of nations with looser waves which blended with ethnic groups of tightly-waved that combined with ethnic groups with straight appearing hair. They are usually second or third blended generation’s off-springs. They can also be a mix of similar blends or another tightly-waved blend.

This continuous blending of the many ethnicities with various waves brings about a melody of hair textures that also vary in many different patterns along with the diameter of strands, having much frizz. The Formula I has been suggested for the finer strands and Formula A is recommended for the larger strands is suggested to accommodate the complexity of such variations by unlocking and allowing these small curls to become loosened. Opening the hair's curl causes their strands to detangle. Formula H has been suggested to release more curl if desired. Penetrating the cuticle allows absorption and retention of moisture. This retaining of moisture also allows continued hydration which assists in the manipulation of the hair for style variety in adornment. To be accurate about your formula, we recommend you choose from our professional stylist and get a hair profile.

It is never recommended to remove all S-wave/curl patterns from any hair type. If there is a desire to loosen curls to a more elongated pattern or if your hair is color treated, to assist you, seek a professional who is astute in the Texture Care/ Body and Bounce Hair enhancement system.