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Very Tightly-Waved, Resistant, Large/ Medium Strand

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Very Tightly-Waved, Resistant, Large/ Medium Strand Hair, has a large variety and quantity of curl. Those attributes with their thick strands make up their textures. Tiny to small defined waves are their significant characteristic. Although all curls naturally retract. This hair type's curl formations are arranged very close together and accumulate enormous amounts of frizz when they do retract. The design of these Curl formations can be in multiple patterns on the same head, and when retracting, the hair strands also intertwine themselves together. Their strand sizes are usually large, arid and brittle. When in their natural state, retracting causes those strands to tangle very quickly. Due to their crumbly texture, they are the most delicate of all hair. Their curls continuously withdraw when exposed to moisture and air. When left unkempt, knotting is unavoidable. They must be cared for regularly. Without proper care for an extended time, tangling worsens, and curly hair becomes extremely matted together. Their tangled strands and tiny curls are extremely tight and difficult to comb through when they get too matted. Combing-out such knots cause much breakage to occur.

Hair becomes a dead cell before passing through to the scalp and so remains. When these hair types are in their natural state (virgin), it is impossible for them to absorb the amounts of needed moisture. Their cuticles are locked when in the natural state. Due to this sealing, they are always dehydrated. After hair reaches through to the scalp, the availability of a proper maintenance program that enhances each hair type's created attributes is vital for their continuance. When moisture can be absorbed through the hair's cuticle and maintained, caring for them is effortless and extreme dryness ceases. Manipulating them is then manageable. Having easy access to combing will also stop the constant breakage in hair with tiny and smaller wave patterns. Such damage contributes to the many arrays of broken hair on one head.

Formula H has been suggested to unlock and open this hair type’s cuticle without destroying its natural characteristics. Formula C has been suggested to loosen to a softer texture if desired. To be accurate about your formula, we recommend you choose from our professional stylist and get a hair profile. Achieving a smoother finish when the hair is blown dry without the reverting to frizz and without damaging the hair's attributes is made possible. Loosening the curls of these hair types allows easy care. This elongation prevents having to use harsh handlings which cause hair destruction. Unlocking this hair type’s cuticle allows entry to the hair's components. Enhancing hair attributes causes handling to be effortless. Moisture is also quickly absorbed, and continued softness is always present.