Damaged Straight Appearing Very Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Tightly-Waved Multi-Text Frizzy Multi-Texture Loose Wavy Multi-Texture Straight Multi-Texture Straight & Resistant Damaged Tightly Waved Image Map

Tightly Waved Multi-textured hair

This hair type's strands can be small to medium in diameter. Its wave patterns arrangement can be very close together and also very loose. Frizz is dominant and can cause much difficulty when combing, styling and when moisture is present. Smoothing its frizz and elongating it wave pattern will eliminate excessively frizzing continuously and keep its wave and curl patterns from retracting too close together. 

The smoothing of its frizz along with the wave reformation process will ensure this hair type's smoothness when desired. The holding of styles variations and shrinkage in this hair's length without constant maintenance can be assured.   

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